Night Diving Koh Tao

Night Diving Koh Tao So you’ve dived during the day? And don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it was an amazing experience, but if you’ve never done night diving, you’re missing out. And I’m about to tell you why. Differences Between Diving During Day And Night? So what are the main differences between diving during […]

Fish Identification

Fish Identification Course Wouldn’t it be great to know what Koh Tao marine life is called? You are seeing all these amazing and sometimes weird-looking fish underwater whether you are scuba diving on Koh Tao or snorkeling. Why Take This Course? The Fish Identification course provides an overview of the fish families found in the […]

Marine Ecology Course Online

Marine Ecology Course Now is a great time to renew your passion for scuba diving by doing some self-study with the Marine Ecology specialty course. It serves as a foundation for understanding the marine environment and not just for diving on Koh Tao and you do not have to be a scuba diver either.  It […]

Are You A Good Scuba Diver?

Are You A Good Scuba Diver? How do you know you are a good diver?  Are you a good scuba diver?  Have all the cool gear, impressive air consumption, and able to blow bubble rings?  Everyone will have a different opinion about it.  End even your own opinion will change as you get more experience […]

SSI or Padi – Whats the difference?

 SSI or Padi “I want to do my Padi” we hear that a lot.  What they really mean is “I want to get my scuba diving license”.  Padi is certifying agency just like SSI or CMAS or BSAC, there are many different agencies that can get you a diving license.  What’s the difference?  And does […]