Decadent Shopping on Koh Tao 2023

Shopping on Koh Tao While the primary purpose of your visit is likely to go diving on Koh Tao, it’s always handy to know where to pick up the essential items you need during your stay. Not sure where to go grocery shopping? Looking for the best clothes shop? Stumped on where to replace your […]

How to Get Around Koh Tao

What is the best and cheapest way to explore Koh Tao? Read on to learn more about how to get around Koh Tao using various transport options. Most visitors have a list of ‘must-visit’ viewpoints and beaches they’d to go to during their stay, and a shortlist of other island activities they’d like to try. […]

Digital Diver Training

Online Digital Diver Training Who does not like learning with the convenience of studying in your own time? Some of us are in some sort of lockdown or quarantine and running out of shows and movies to watch so why not use your time to study digital diver training?  And, increase your knowledge about scuba […]

What Diving School

What Diving School To Choose On Koh Tao If you are interested in choosing what diving school you want for your scuba diving certification and you’re looking for some inside local wisdom before you make your choice, you have come to the right place. How To Choose A Diving School What consideration should be on […]

Sail Rock Diving

It is not the destination but the journey that is important, right? Not when you are scuba diving at Sail Rock! Diving Destination Thailand The day starts early but you are diving Sail Rock by 8 am, you have an hour to explore the secret pinnacle with its schools of barracuda, massive groupers and soft […]

The First Piece Of Open Water Diving Equipment

Your First Piece Of Equipment For Open Water Diving One of the first things that you will want to buy for scuba diving is a mask.  No, it really is.  The masks that you use for the open water diving course are normally good quality and fit the majority of people but your instructor will […]

Why Choose Mojo Divers

Why Choose Mojo Divers? With 60 plus dive schools on the island there is a lot of choice for people as to where they want to do their scuba certification on Koh Tao, so why choose Mojo Divers diving school instead of one of our competitors?  We teach the same courses, have similar equipment, and […]

Meet Mojo Monday: Taylor Daniels

Taylor Daniels hails all the way from Boulder, Colorado, and first fell in love with diving in Mendecino, California 5 years ago. The first time Taylor visited Koh Tao, she arrived with a broken arm and couldn’t dive!  A couple of months later, she came back to Koh Tao for diving.  She got her Advanced […]

Mojo Moves To The Beach!

Mojo Divers Moves To The Beach After a month of construction and decoration, we have officially launched our second Mojo Divers shop! Thanks to a new partnership with Grand Beach Resort, you can now find us down on Sairee Beach between Fizz Bar and Victor Bar, where we will be sharing space with the resort. […]