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Online Ecology Courses from SSI
SSI Marine Ecology Course

Explore the complex and multi-layered web of life found in the ocean’s various ecosystems by studying one of the many online ecology courses that SSI offers. Study how organisms interact with each other and their environment, how energy flows through communities, the links between different ocean ecosystems, and how you play a role in the ocean’s changing ecology.

What Other Online Ecology Courses Are There?
Shark Ecology

Explore the fascinating history of one of the ocean’s oldest living predators. Learn more about how sharks earned an unjust reputation as mindless man-eaters, their role as a keystone species in reef ecosystems, and why they deserve our protection.

Sea Turtle Ecology

Investigate the lifecycles, unique breeding and nesting habits, and challenges that sea turtles face, and how they are threatened by both natural and anthropogenic (human-caused) impacts.

Coral Identification

Coral reefs can be seen from space, but are the product of billions of tiny organisms. Learn how corals feed, grow and reproduce, and how to identify various coral species of three distinct regions, the Caribbean, the Indo-Pacific, and the Red Sea.

Fish Identification
Learn how to classify various species of fish using physical, environmental and behavioral characteristics. This program allows you to investigate the fishes of three distinct regions, the Caribbean, the Indo-Pacific, and the Red Sea.

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