Decadent Shopping on Koh Tao 2023

Shopping on Koh Tao

While the primary purpose of your visit is likely to go diving on Koh Tao, it’s always handy to know where to pick up the essential items you need during your stay. Not sure where to go grocery shopping? Looking for the best clothes shop? Stumped on where to replace your phone charger or pick up the best souvenirs? Or maybe you need general advice on shopping for everyday essentials like sunscreen, toothpaste, and toiletries. Whatever your needs, you’ll find everything you need to know about shopping on Koh Tao right here – or by asking one of our helpful team on arrival.

Our Koh Tao diving school is situated on Sairee Beach, close to all the main amenities. But, wherever you’re staying around the island, you’re never too far away from the services you need.

What is it about Mojo that makes us different? We are located right on Sairee Beach
Mojo Divers Koh Tao on Sairee Beach

Shopping facilities on Koh Tao have advanced significantly in recent years, and most visitors are impressed by how many supplies are readily available. There are no large chains or malls where you can check off everything on your Koh Tao shopping list in one hit. While some visitors may find this inconvenient, the advantage is that the money you spend goes directly into the local economy rather than into the pockets of a corporate giant.

Shopping for Everyday Essentials

For everyday essentials like sunscreen, toothpaste, shampoo, hair, beauty products, etc., Seven-Eleven, convenience stores, or one of our Koh Tao supermarkets would be your best bet. If you’re on foot, stick to the walking street that begins in Sairee and leads to Mae Haad, and you’ll trip over a Seven-Eleven or local convenience store before you know it. If you’ve got a scooter, then checking out one of the bigger Koh Tao supermarkets like Smile Mart, Pen Wholesale, Chiwat, or Aukotan may reward you with more choices and better value for money.

Shopping on Koh Tao is very convenient if you need something during your diving holiday
Pens supermarket

Grocery Shopping on Koh Tao

Staying in self-catering accommodation or looking to save money by making your own lunches and snacks? Then you’ll need to know where to do your food shopping. The supermarkets we mentioned above are some of the best shops in Koh Tao to pick up a range of canned goods, dry foods, drinks, condiments, and sauces. However, Pen Wholesale is the only Koh Tao supermarket to offer fresh produce like fruit and vegetables.

Opposite Pen, you’ll find Pods, which is an all-in-one freshmart, butcher, bakery, and general store. So if you’re looking to make full meals, you can find everything you need in one place there. There are also several dedicated ‘wet markets’ where you can find fruit, vegetables, and meats all in one place – and often at lower prices. 

Clothes Shopping on Koh Tao

There’s no shortage of Koh Tao shops selling clothes and beachwear. While there are not as many in Chalok, the main roads and walking streets in Sairee and Mae Haad are home to many units selling everything from t-shirts and sarongs to classic Thai elephant pants, bikinis, board shorts, and flip flops. If you’re looking for branded goods or clothing that will last a bit longer over time, most of the higher-end shops on Koh Tao are based in Sairee and include Ripcurl, Flip Flop and Treacle, and Zunami.

Souvenir Shopping on Koh Tao

If you take a few hours off from your Koh Tao diving activities to wander the walking streets, you’ll find all manner of shops selling souvenirs, postcards, and holiday mementos. Some Koh Tao clothes shops also sell jewelry like friendship bracelets, necklaces, and other small items like fridge magnets and ornaments. But there are also several stores dedicated to souvenirs.

For the eco-minded tourist, May and Co, Plas Tao, and the Bans store (all located in Sairee) specialize in organic products using local and recycled materials. Examples include organic soaps, drinks coasters, key rings made from recycled plastic, and an array of reusable drinking bottles and bamboo straws.

Dive Equipment Shopping on Koh Tao

If you’re one of the hundreds of visitors who come to us for their Koh Tao diving certification, you’ll likely want to invest in some basic gear. If you’re just here to try scuba diving, there’s no need to worry about buying much yet, as all Koh Tao diving packages with Mojo include full equipment rental. However, picking up a few essentials is a good idea if you’re getting your Open Water Diver or Advanced Diver license. 

Examples include rash vests (although a wetsuit may sometimes be better, depending on the Koh Tao diving season/conditions during your stay), dive masks, dry bags, dive computers, slates, and safety balloons. That said, if you want to go the whole hog and buy a complete set of dive gear, that’s certainly an option – and highly recommended if you’re already at Rescue Diver level or about to commence your Divemaster training.

Want some diving equipment?  The shops on Koh Tao have most things you need
Koh Tao’s Dive Supply shop

Our team can help you with ideas on what you need, the best brands, how to choose a dive mask, etc. Then, it’s time to go shopping! There are several dedicated dive shops selling all manner of products. Each is an ambassador for a range of brands, so it’s worth shopping around a bit as the products available in each store will vary. The main options for dive gear shopping on Koh Tao are Dive Supply, Ocean Store, Aquamaster, and Cressi.

 Shopping for SIM Cards, Phones, and Electronics

You can find a limited range of electronics like chargers and cables in Koh Tao supermarkets and Seven-Eleven stores, and you can pick up a ‘pay as you go’ Thai SIM card at the AIS shop in Sairee.

Shopping on Koh Tao for phone products is easy
Koh Tao Telecom shop

For anything else  – like phone purchases and repairs, camera accessories, memory cards, etc. – you’re better off visiting Koh Tao Telecom (they have two phone shops on Koh Tao, one in Sairee and one in Mae Haad), Technomania (Mae Haad) or Koh Tao Technology (Sairee).

There are lots of places for shopping on Koh Tao.  From mini marts to dive supply shops
The big 7-11 in Sairee

Need More Info?

Already planning your Koh Tao scuba diving holiday and not sure what to bring and what to buy when you get here? Our staff is always on hand to advise you when you contact us to organize your Koh Tao dive courses and fun diving trips. So ask away! Our experienced team has been here for several years and knows exactly where to send you to get the best deals when you go shopping on Koh Tao!

Contact us today to find out more about all things scuba diving, shopping on Koh Tao, and more. We look forward to welcoming you to our tropical island paradise soon! And, don’t forget to give us a follow on Facebook or Instagram for more Koh Tao diving highlights and Mojo Divers news!

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