Deep Diving Specialty

Deep Diving Specialty

You have just finished your open water or advanced course, so why not study for Deep diving on Koh Tao and be able to go to 40m! Planning your next diving adventure? As you look up all the amazing dive sites around the world, be it the amazing reefs or the thousands of wrecks that you can explore, you will notice something.  A lot of these dive sites go down below 30m, the depth limit for Advanced so why not go to the next level? 40m.
Deep diving Koh Tao
Deep Diving Specialty certification
When you reach your dream diving destination and you look down on everything there is to see down there, all you wish is that you could go and explore that extra remaining bit.  Well, with the SSI Deep Diving Specialty, it opens up a whole new area you can explore as you will be certified to go down to a depth of 40m.  The deepest you can go as a recreational diver, allowing you to see some of the rest of what dive sites have to offer.  The specialty consists of a minimum of three dives, where we take you down to progressively deeper and teach you everything you need to know to be safe and comfortable at these new depths and explore the deeper parts of our popular dive sites.  We also play some simple games at depth to test your response times and awareness, keeping it fun as well as an educational course.  Without the proper deep diver training to these depths has a much greater risk, and Koh Tao is a great place to learn.
Koh Tao diving can go as deep as 40m
Two scuba divers ascending from a deep dive

What Is The Deep Diving Course About?

How do we do the Deep Diving course on Koh Tao? The course consists of theory, which can all be done online. Including the exam.  And 2 or 3 dives. What do you learn? Firstly, your Total Diving System & Deep Diving Secondly, planning Your Deep Dive Thirdly, your Deep Dive Fourthly, potential Hazards Finally, repetitive Deep Diving Check out the YouTube trailer here: Why not combine it with the Wreck Specialty?  The wreck lies at 30m plus, so it is perfect to combine with the Deep course.
HTMS Sattakut Wreck Koh Tao
The forward gun of the HTMS Sattakut

How Much Does Deep Diving Koh Tao Cost?

For 2023 the course is 7000 baht if you have the deep adventure dive already as part of your advanced course.  If you need to make a 3rd deep dive that is an extra 2000 but you will get another fun dive included. You will need to pay a non-refundable deposit of 2000 but you can change the course start date as many times as you need as long as you give enough notice.  This price doesn’t include accommodation but this can be arranged, just tell us what your budget and requirements are.  We have dorm rooms, private rooms, and bungalows are available.  With and without air conditioning, all right by the beach. Anyone with their open water course or higher can take the course, so if you are interested in opening up a whole new section of the underwater world, contact us.

How Do I Sign Up For Deep Diving On Koh Tao?

Contact us 🙂 Easy. Any questions? We are here for you 7 days a week. If you are interested in Koh Tao diving contact us or you can find out more about the diving we offer by clicking on the links below or follow us on Facebook or Instagram

Want To Know More About Koh Tao Diving Courses?

Want To Know More?

Find out more about the SSI diver training agency here: Dive SSI
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