Advanced Scuba Diving on Koh Tao

Advanced Scuba Diving on Koh Tao

Do you want to continue your scuba diving training at Koh Tao after your open water course? There are so many scuba diving courses on Koh Tao to explore once you have your open water license but a lot of them, and around Asia, go below the 18m level, which is your depth limit of the open water course.

You do not have to go deeper as you can see everything as the waters are very clear but would it not be better to be able to go deeper and a have look at something interesting?

Koh Tao’s famous wreck, the HTMS Sattakut

The wreck can be seen when making the advanced diving course on Koh Tao
The HTMS Sattakut before sinking

The Advanced Adventurer Course

The Advanced Diver course will let you go to 30m!  This scuba diving course on Koh Tao includes 5 dives from different specialty courses which normally include Deep, Wreck, Night, Navigation, and Buoyancy (depending on weather conditions), and takes two days on Koh Tao.

scuba diving Koh Tao
Looking inside the wheelhouse

What Is The Advanced Course About?

You learn a little bit more theory but you are taught a lot more skills with the focus on practical knowledge and skills beyond the open water course that you can start to apply to all your future scuba diving on Koh Tao and beyond.  Our normal schedule is a 10 am start for this diving course for the theory and briefing of skills for the dives.

Koh Tao fun diving at the wreck
A scuba diver next to the wreck, Koh Tao

For this advanced scuba diving certification on Koh Tao we start with Navigation and Perfect Buoyancy dives in the afternoon as you will use the skills learned on the remaining dives. You learn to use a compass and natural navigation and work on your trim, diving techniques, and weight position.

Next is a Night dive, an amazing experience to see everything illuminated by torchlight. 

The next morning we make a Deep dive to 30m and normally a Wreck dive on the HTMS Sattakut, sunk on purpose for diver training so it is perfect.  And that is it.  There is no exam or theory test; just learning new skills from your instructor and applying these to your course and future dives.

5 dives in 24 hours. Done, another scuba diving course Koh Tao completed! And you get the SSI Advanced Adventurer certification.

Another scuba diving certification available on Koh Tao
The SSI Advanced certification

Check out this video from one of our customers who completed her advanced course.

If you want to know more about scuba diving on Koh Tao just contact us and   You may then want to continue with a specialty course such as Deep Specialty which allows you to dive to 40m, the limit for recreational scuba divers. you only need 2 more training dives.  Or the Wreck Diving specialty course.

Wreck diving specialty course on Koh Tao
Divers above the HTMS Sattakut

Any Questions About Scuba Diving in Koh Tao?

Do you want to know more about a Koh Tao diving course? Feel free to contact us and one of our team of dive professionals will answer any questions quickly to see what scuba program is right for you. We have a variety of diving courses available with the SSI diving training organization.

Want To Know More About Koh Tao Scuba Diving Courses?

Check out the links below to find out more about scuba diving in Koh Tao.

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Fun Dives

Koh Tao diving has a variety of dive sites to choose from
The dive boat at Sail Rock

Want to know more about scuba diving on Koh Tao?

Or do you want to read more about us as a Koh Tao diving school? Feel free to contact us or you might find your answer below.
Can I dive with contact lenses?
When is the best time to go diving on Koh Tao?
If you are not scuba diving Koh Tao check out this list of other activities.

Find out more about the SSI diver training agency here: Dive SSI

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