SSI Crossover Koh Tao

SSI Crossover Course Koh Tao

If you are certified as a dive professional and are looking to increase your employment opportunities as a scuba diving instructor then the SSI Crossover Koh Tao is for you.  SSI (Scuba Schools International) is the fastest-growing scuba diving training agency in the world and there are currently more jobs than professionals available to fill them!  Especially on Koh Tao.

SSI Crossover on Koh Tao
Crossover to SSI

Adapt Your Knowledge To The SSI Education System

If you are inactive teaching status with another scuba diving training agency, it will only take you 2 or 3 days depending upon your current level to adapt your knowledge to the SSI Education System.

Instructor Training certification
SSI Instructor course

The SSI Course Will Include:

A classroom-based day to familiarize you with the different terminology, materials, standards, and philosophy practiced by SSI diving centers like Mojo Divers.

A day of practical application with a session in confined water to introduce you to some new skills you will need to teach your customers and a diving workshop to teach you how we evaluate our Divemasters.
And an invitation for you to assist in an SSI scuba diving course to put your new knowledge into action.

Scuba divers descending on their Koh Tao open water course
Divers on their open water course

All of your current teaching credentials and experience you hold with your current agency will crossover to SSI after the program is completed and the best part about it… There will only be one renewal fee for all of your ratings!
You will be taught by SSI Instructor Certifier Jake Kautz, who has several years of teaching and diving experience. Join him at Mojo Divers where he can start the course at your convenience.

As an SSI instructor you have more opportunities to teach diving on Koh Tao
An instructor teaching buoyancy skills

Plan Your SSI Crossover Course Today

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today for your SSI Crossover on Koh Tao at our shop located in Sairee Beach.  The most popular area in Koh Tao or contact us. We look forward to showing you some Real Diving!

Koh Tao is a great place to live as well as teach diving courses
View of Koh Tao, Jon Suwan Viewpoint in the morning.

How Do I Sign Up For Diving On Koh Tao?

If you are interested in Koh Tao diving contact us or you can find out more about the diving we offer by clicking on the links below or follow us on Facebook or Instagram

Want To Know More About Koh Tao Diving Courses?

Try Scuba Diving
Open Water Course
Advanced Course
Fun Dives

Once you have your diving certification you can go fun diving on Koh Tao
A group of fun divers

What Else Do You Want To Know About Koh Tao

How do I get to Koh Tao?

When is the best time to go diving on Koh Tao?

What activities can I do after diving?  There are lots of different things to do, not just diving.

Other Activities in Koh Tao
SUP Tao @ Maya Bar

Find out more about the SSI diver training agency here: Dive SSI

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