Sea Turtle Ecology Course

Sea Turtle Ecology Course Did you know there are 7 species of turtle living in our oceans and seas and as a species, they have been around for more than 125 million years…that’s longer than the Eastenders TV show! On Koh Tao (aka Turtle Island) there are 84 individual turtles that have been identified and […]

Symbiosis Underwater

Symbiosis Underwater Symbiosis underwater describes where two species live in close contact with one another, often resulting in a mutually beneficial relationship. The ocean is home to a huge array of fascinating symbiotic relationships and here on Koh Tao, we can observe many examples when we go scuba diving. This is the first installment in […]

Koh Tao Island aka Turtle Island!

Koh Tao Island One of the most famous scuba diving destinations in Asia, not just Thailand.  Koh Tao Island, which translates from Thai to English as ‘Turtle Island’, is home to two species of indigenous turtles, the Green Turtle and the Hawksbill Turtle.  Although the name Turtle Island actually comes from the shape of the […]

Diving with the DMCR

Diving with the DMCR At a meeting with the Koh Tao dive schools the Department of Marine & Coastal Resources (DMCR) said they plan to double the number of concrete blocks they use to create artificial reefs around and to take the pressure off the existing reefs.  They showed the areas where they would like […]