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Free Digital Diver Training

Why not take advantage of free digital training? Covid 19 has seen many travel and diving plans either postponed or canceled entirely.  But from reading some backpacker forums and social media posts many are planning to travel next year and come scuba diving on Koh Tao. We and SSI are able to offer the digital diver training manuals for free for the remaining year of 2020!  If you are thinking of doing a scuba diving course on Koh Tao you can register for them now.  And read all the materials and in some cases even complete the exam.  If you are unable to travel or dive this year the course registrations can be canceled for no cost.

free digital training
SSI Coral Identification

Another benefit would be that if you are thinking of doing a course next year you can register now and read all the materials and then the course can be canceled.  If you then can participate in a course next year you register again and the materials and exam can be completed in double-quick time.

Open water course on Koh Tao
SSI open water certification

Let’s say you’re thinking of doing the open water course and you are not too sure about the exam or maybe you want to study it in another language other than your own.  You can do that this year, read all the free digital training materials, and then cancel for no cost.  When you are ready for the course next year you already know what is expected and will make it easier.

Koh Taos famous diving wreck, the theory is online
SSI Wreck Diving certification

If you are thinking of doing a specialty that involves lots of studies then you can do the same.  Register and read everything and then the course can be canceled at the end of the year.  But we would rather you come and do scuba diving in Koh Tao.

Online scuba diver training from Koh Tao, The enriched air nitrox course
Nitrox 32% is an online diver course

How Much Does It Cost?

  • It depends on the course, but for open water, the deposit is 2,000 which will give you access to the free digital training manual which can be refunded if you want to cancel.

How Do I Sign Up For Free Digital Training On Koh Tao?

Easy. If you are interested in Koh Tao diving contact us or you can find out more about the diving we offer by clicking on the links below or follow us on Facebook or Instagram

Two divers floating in the water during their diving certification
Two scuba divers in Koh Tao

Want To Know More About Koh Tao Diving?

Try Scuba Diving
Open Water Course
Advanced Course
Fun Dives

There are many courses with online digital training
Watching a school of barracuda

Want to know more?

Find out more about SSI here: Dive SSI

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