Fun Diving – Ten Fun Dives

Fun Diving – Ten Fun Dives

Ten Fun Dives | 1/2 Day | 7,000b

Already have your diving certification and thinking of fun diving on Koh Tao?  Ten fun dives cost 7,000b and include all equipment rental and a dive guide. We go out twice per day at 7 am and 12 pm and visit two dive sites each time.


Pay a deposit of ฿1,000.00 per item


Ten Fun Dives

Already have your scuba diving certification and thinking of fun diving on Koh Tao? We have packages of six dives and a special price for ten fun dives.

It is a small island that is surrounded by stunning dive sites, with a year-long dive season we can dive 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Well, almost. We are closed Christmas Day and New Years day.

If you haven’t dived for a while, you may need to do a scuba review first in order to update your skills so that you can enjoy your dives with confidence and safety.

Ten Fun dives
Time for fun dives

Divers at Twins dive site, Koh Tao

With our fun dive packages, you will get to explore more of the dive sites around the island. There are a mix of shallow dive sites for beginners, shallow sheltered bays, artificial reefs, swim-throughs, caves, and huge pinnacles.

For advanced divers with the right level of training, we have deeper dive sites down to 40m, like Chumphon Pinnacle, or Southwest Pinnacle, and even a wreck or two to explore such as HTMS Sattukut.

Our tropical island in Southeast Asia has granite pinnacles, shallow bays with amazing coral reefs, even a few cool caves, and abundant marine life. Koh Tao offers dive sites suitable for everyone.

Is Koh Tao safe for divers

Our dive boat goes out twice per day, with the boat leaving at 7 am and 12 pm. So you can choose whether you want to use your 10 dives in the morning or afternoon. We have a variety of dive sites to choose from.

We will give you as much variety as possible, depending on the weather conditions of course. You can also do night dives if you have the right experience level.

Our team of knowledgeable dive professionals and highly trained guides will take you around the dive sites in small groups. Pointing out Koh Tao’s marine life and scenery while you just relax and enjoy the dives.

Koh Tao diving as a lot to offer, it is one of the most popular activities in Koh Tao

Everyone wants to see a turtle

The price for two fun dives is 1,600b, but if you go for the 10 fun dive package, the cost is only 7,000b and includes all scuba equipment rental and a dive guide.

We also offer dive packages for 10 dives or more but does not include trips to Sail Rock.

If you have not dived in over a year, you might need to do a Scuba Review. Our staff will advise what is best for you and can help you choose from a range of courses and equipment.

Do you want a new dive certification or want to know more about a Koh Tao dive course? Feel free to contact us and the staff from our dive shop will help you.

We offer a full range of courses from beginners to Advanced, as well as Specialties and professional courses.  Our dive team is always on hand to offer advice on courses and dive site schedules.

Book Ten Fun Dives Package

You can book your fun diving package in advance by paying a deposit, it is really easy. You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours from our staff. We will ask you to confirm your arrival time and date.

Alternatively, you can visit our shop on the beach and speak with our professional dive staff to see where are fun diving trips are going in the upcoming days.

Koh Tao fun diving at the wreck

A scuba diver next to the Wreck, Koh Tao

Booking Terms And Conditions

By sending this request and payment you are submitting a reservation for your fun diving package in Koh Tao. Ensure that you have read and understood our terms and conditions.

Please ensure that you read the medical form and if you answer yes to any questions, you will require a sign-off by a diving doctor. While this is available on Koh Tao, some pre-existing conditions may require sign-off by your doctor or specialist.

If in doubt please ensure the medical clearance is completed before leaving your home country. Some medical conditions may preclude you from diving.

Why Choose Koh Tao For Fun Diving?

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