SSI Crossover Koh Tao

SSI Crossover Course Koh Tao If you are certified as a dive professional and are looking to increase your employment opportunities as a scuba diving instructor then the SSI Crossover Koh Tao is for you.  SSI (Scuba Schools International) is the fastest-growing scuba diving training agency in the world and there are currently more jobs […]

Koh Tao Diving

Koh Tao Diving There’s no shortage of Koh Tao diving schools and instructors, that’s for certain. However, few can show you Thailand’s “Turtle Island” the way it’s truly meant to be seen.  In small groups, with exclusive treatment, and an underwater videographer in hand to capture the moment with you on your qualifying dives. For […]

Enriched Air Nitrox

Enriched Air Nitrox You are about to go on your scuba diving holiday, maybe on Koh Tao or on one of the many famous wrecks found around the world.  You have studied the photos and researched the vessel online.  Above all the plan is to see everything or even take photos of a piece of […]