Our Koh Tao Diving Boat

Welcome To The Mojo Divers Boat

We have had the same Koh Tao diving boat for the last 9 years 🙂 It is the “engine” of our dive shop so it is very important that we take care of her and make any improvements when she goes for repainting every year.  I will tell you more about her.

the Mojo Divers boat
Looking fresh after repainting and servicing

How Big Is Our Boat?

She has a capacity for 30 divers and 2 boat staff but we normally run with less otherwise it gets too crowded.  You can exit into your dive from either side and from the rear so everyone can get into the water quickly.  The step-out is close to the waterline so it is only a small jump; check out the big dive school boats and see how far they have to jump for a comparison.

Diver making a giant stride entry
Being close to the waterline means only a small step off the boat unlike the larger diving boats

She has 2 decks, the main deck with the tanks, equipment, and kitting-up area.  At one end are the captain’s cabin and a help-yourself refreshment station for tea, coffee, water, and biscuits.  At the other end is a standard marine toilet. The upper sun deck is split into a sun and a shaded area (it does get very hot).  Here you can relax, drink a cup of coffee and get a briefing for your next dive.  If you must smoke this is where you can as long as those around you do not mind.

Briefing for open water students
Giving a dive briefing to open-water students on the upper deck

Koh Tao Diving Boat Specifics

It has a shallow draft of only 1.5m.  Meaning you can get mooring lines closer to the reef unlike the other big boats that have to stay far out.  Which can add 15 mins of swimming to get to your descent point.  Very handy when going to shallow water to try scuba dives and dives 1 and 2 of the open water course.

Each year it goes to Chumphon on the mainland for servicing the engines, and repairing and repainting of the ship itself.  Over 12 months it takes a lot of battering from the weather, and even the stainless steel screws start to rust.

Our boat at Sail Rock
Every year the boat goes for painting and servicing, the sea is a harsh environment

It has 2 diesel engines. The main, larger one, runs the propeller while the other runs a generator for the boat’s electrics.  And the all-important water boiler for coffee.

Our Boat Crew

We are lucky to have had the same captain (P’Surat) and wife (P’Sao) team on the boat for 7 years.  It is their home as well as their office, so we do not go into their cabin. Together they take great care of the boat and look after us as well.  We also do not cross the front of the boat, the Buddha Point, as it can bring bad luck.

Our boat captain putting up the Thai flag
Our captain and his wife have been with Mojo Divers Koh Tao for 7 years.

Diving Courses

If you are interested in scuba diving on Koh Tao contact us and you can find out more about the diving we offer by clicking on the links below:
Divers getting a briefing
Every dive, including training dives should have a dive briefing

What Scuba Certifications Can I Get On Koh Tao?

Want To Know More?

How do I get to Koh Tao?

When is the best time to dive on Koh Tao?

Find out more about SSI training agency here: Dive SSI
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