Where is the best diving in Thailand?

The Best Diving in Thailand

If you’ve been wondering where is the best diving in Thailand, here are 5 reasons why Koh Tao should be on your diving bucket list.  Of all the best diving spots in Thailand, Koh Tao is by far one of the most revered and well-known. Here are 5 reasons why Koh Tao is where to find the best diving in Thailand.

1. Multiple Dive Sites

Koh Tao boasts numerous dive sites and wrecks around the island, making it a surefire way to enjoy the underwater life, sights, and adventure of exploring sunken wrecks in a private and personal way.

Batfish and long finned bannerfish
A Batfish and long finned bannerfish say Hello

Dive sites in Koh Tao include;

  • Shark Island (advanced)
  • Aow Leuk (easy)
  • Tanote Bay (easy)
  • Laem Thian (intermediate)
  • Hin Wong Pinnacle (intermediate)
  • Lighthouse (beginner)
  • Mango Bay (beginner)
  • Red Rock (intermdeiate)
  • Japanese Gardens (beginner)
  • Green Rock (intermediate)
  • No Name Pinnacle (advanced)
  • HTMS Sattakut (advanced)
  • Chumphon Pinnacle (intermediate)
  • White Rock (intermediate)

2. Fun Family Diving

Diving in Koh Tao isn’t just for the serious, seasoned divers – beginners can have some fun too. Koh Tao is home to numerous “fun diving” experiences, mixing it up with sheltered bays, artificial reefs, swim-through areas, caves, and a wreck or two.

Simply put, Koh Tao has something for professional diving enthusiasts while also offering some family-friendly fun diving options.

A smiling diver on the boat
Smiles all around as we gear up for our scuba dive

3. Diving Photography

Have you seen the amazing diving photos coming out of Koh Tao? If diving photography is why you’re on the search for the best place to dive in Thailand –you’ll be spoiled for choice in Koh Tao.

4. Best Diving Places To Visit Thailand

When you’re not enjoying the best scuba diving in Thailand, Koh Tao also has a number of things to do around the island.

There are 3 main areas around Koh Tao:

  • Sairee Beach: Where the action is -known for nightlife, beach parties, and places to eat
  • Mae Haad: Quieter than Sairee, with everything a traveler needs within easy reach
  • Chalok Bay: A great place to relax in a secluded, quiet area
Closeup of an Anenome fish
Looking for Nemo? We found him while diving on Koh Tao!

Sairee Beach is known for its nightlife and beach parties. Chalok Bay is a great place to relax for those looking for a more secluded, quiet experience. And finally, Mae Head is where the ferries arrive and depart from with everything a traveler needs within easy reach but quieter than Sairee.

5. Affordable Diving Accommodation

When you’re taking a diving retreat in Koh Tao, you’ll find that there are numerous dive shops dotted around the island. In our experience, Koh Tao’s Mojo Divers was our top pick for diving accommodation -right on the beach, just how I like it.

A groups of open water divers
Open water dives completed! It’s time to celebrate.

In Summary: The Best Diving In Thailand

That’s our case for Koh Tao being the best diving destination in Thailand – do you agree? Let us know in the comments.

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