Meet Mojo Monday: Taylor Daniels

Taylor Daniels hails all the way from Boulder, Colorado and first fell in love with diving in Mendecino, California 5 years ago. The first time Taylor visited Koh Tao, she arrived with a broken arm and couldn’t dive!  A couple months later, she came back, got her Advanced Open Water, Rescue DiverDivemaster and completed the Instructor Training with Ami 🙂 She has been an SSI instructor here at Mojo since October, 2015.

10 Things you need to know about TayTay

If she wasn’t a Dive instructor, Taylor would be a Marine Biologist.

The person she most wants to take on a fun dive is her best friend from home, Jenny.

Matt Damon is the other person she wants to go on a “fun dive” with…

When Taylor isn’t diving, you can find her at Diza Bar.

Favorite meal on Koh Tao: No. 7 at Roast Duck 995, and #putaneggonit

Beyoncé or Adele: DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE

Person you most want to resurrect: the mom from Parent Trap or Keiko the whale from Free Willy

Most frequently used phrase: “Alright guys, listen up!”

Next country on the bucket list: Vietnam or New Zealand

Greatest accomplishment: winning the National Synchronized Swimmer Championship

So, if you want to have a perfectly synchronized dive instructor show you the ways of scuba or you like to put a fried egg on every meal you eat (or best of all, you are Matt Damon), head over to Mojo and come dive with Taylor!

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